Milestone 3 Triple Clicks

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Initial Brainstorm

Trust-related Ideas

  • Verification process and indicator of verified identity (both for requestors and for workers).
    • Example: Airbnb (Verified email address, phone number, Facebook / LinkedIn, Reviews, Drivers License or other official ID)
    • Would be curious to know if requestors and workers prefer to be anonymous but still “verified” by the system? Does anonymity support or deter trust building?
  • Requestors must have a valid Credit Card, Bank Account, PayPal, or pre-purchased credits on file
    • Example: Elance (Requestor posts funds for the project and if s/he doesn’t approve funds for release within X number of days, the Elance system will do so automatically)
  • Recognizing the community support (unpaid time) that workers gift to the platform. It may not be monetary, but being able to showcase what a worker is doing for others and what they excel would help highlight their contributions and help requestors recognize the greater community at hand.
  • Development of policies / procedures / code of conduct / integrity around community behavior. Adhering to these lets you stay on the platform and continue to be an active user. Violating these will have you removed or put on suspension pending further investigation.
    • Similarly, standardized and readily accessible documentation and technical support.
  • Algorithmic and community-driven efforts to scale moderation and anti-fraud measures.
  • Text that is pasted into a field is automatically subjected to a Captcha to submit.
    • Meant mostly for surveys or forms where there are multiple text fields.
    • This would, hopefully, be such a pain to deal with that scamming workers will skip such tasks.
  • Pair up new workers with new requesters for each one’s first/early HITs.
  • Make Requesters have to earn a certain amount of money as a Worker before they can submit HITs as a Requester. Or make their first five tasks free and before they need to earn money as a Worker.
  • Allow Workers to vote on the fairness and respect they felt when dealing with a Requester. Requesters that have been voted as fair and respectful by enough Workers will have an icon designating them as Super Requesters (or something...)
  • In order to verify that a Worker is who she says she is, a Requester can ask the Worker for a proof of ID, essentially a photo with written text supplied by the Requester.
    • But how does this verify anything other than appearance…?
  • Allow Workers to create teams which will self-police their members. Allow Requesters to create teams which will self-police their members.
  • Auction Style pricing with min and max willing to work for/pay for
  • Surge pricing. $ increases with demand (uber)
  • When requesters submit HITS they're shown average $/time for that tasks to anchor their pricing
  • Show requesters response rate
  • In app browser chat

Power-related Ideas

Dive Deeper into Specific Ideas

For each of the 4 ideas (2 for trust, 2 for power), describe (using diagrams, sketches, storyboards, text, or some combination) the ideas in further detail.

Please create a separate wiki page for each of your ideas, so we can link to them individually. The title of the wiki page should be Milestone 3 followed by your team name and a description of the idea itself (ex: Milestone 3 YourTeamName TrustIdea 1: Automatic Pricing for Tasks based on Average Completion Time). Once done, post a link to each of your trust-related ideas to and a link to each of your power-related ideas to when done, following the instructions at

Trust-related Ideas

Power-related Ideas

Dark Horse idea

Describe your dark horse idea (using diagrams, sketches, storyboards, text, or some combination).

Please create a separate wiki page for your dark horse idea so we can link to it individually. Post the link on when done