Milestone 3 Triple Clicks TrustIdea 2: Teams

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Teams for Workers and Teams for Requesters

Allow Workers and Requesters to create their own respective teams, which will self-police their members.

  • Workers can join a team which will hold its members up to a high standard of professionalism.
  • In order to become a member of this team, a worker must be vouched for by another member and maintain a high approval rating.
  • Once on a team, a worker’s ID is then displayed with the team’s name. This shows requesters that this worker is a professional and can be trusted to submit quality HITs.
  • However, if a worker’s approval rating falls, the team’s members will take it upon themselves to dismiss her and she will no longer have the team’s “quality seal” to support the professionalism of her work.

This will also apply to requesters, who can form teams to show workers that they are working with someone who is in a group of trusted professionals.