Milestone 3 TuringMachine PowerIdea 1: Guaranteed Payment if Review is Delayed

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Design Goal

My Time is Money.

Flow and Process

Guaranteed Payment if Review is Delayed

  • In current crowdsourcing system requestors have power and monopoly over the review process. We design a new protocol using the task profile.
  • Requestor posts the task profile on the Task Board, which includes Task completion deadline, Review deadline, Payment deadline, Review Clock Start Time, Payment.
  • A worker views the Task Profile reviews the trust factors and decide to work on it.
  • The worker completes the task and submits it for the review.
  • Both agrees on the deadlines mentioned in the Task Profiles.
  • If requestor fails to complete the review before the deadline, money gets transferred to the worker.
  • This pushes requestors to design their tasks deadline carefully and end the waiting period for requestors.