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* [[Milestone 3 UWI PowerIdea 1: Search For HITs]] - http://crowdresearch.meteor.com/posts/HEiG2GyJWLFPzThYc
* [[Milestone 3 UWI PowerIdea 1: Search For HITs]] - http://crowdresearch.meteor.com/posts/HEiG2GyJWLFPzThYc
* [[Milestone 3 YourTeamName PowerIdea 2: Description of another power-related idea]] - http://crowdresearch.meteor.com/posts/qsv2bcRNjSL3PC8sC
* [[Milestone 3 UWI PowerIdea 2: Rubirc For Payment]] - http://crowdresearch.meteor.com/posts/qsv2bcRNjSL3PC8sC
== Dark Horse idea ==
== Dark Horse idea ==
* [[Milestone 3 UWI DarkHorseIdea: A Game System]] - http://crowdresearch.meteor.com/posts/3xiwnx7ir35hgW3PS
* [[Milestone 3 UWI DarkHorseIdea: A Game System]] - http://crowdresearch.meteor.com/posts/3xiwnx7ir35hgW3PS

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Initial Brainstorm

Based on the summary of needs provided in the meeting and the results of our own observations, we generate the the ideas from the list of "How might we" questions and we found some ideas con serve both the needs of trust and that of power.

"How might we" Questions

1. How might we give workers the power to find appropriate tasks?

2. How might we enable workers to expose or display their skills to requesters?

3. How might we enable workers to trust requester’s intention to pay fairly?

4. How might we enable the workers to be treated fairly and have a voice?

5. How might we ensure the tasks have fixed and easy to understand goals?

6. How might we provide requesters correct hit results quickly?

7. How might we enable the requesters to trust the results?

8. How might we enable the requesters to generate the hits?

9. How might we enable the requesters to price the hits appropriately?

10. How might we enable new-enter users to be familiar with the site?

11.How might we enable workers to trust that requesters pay fair wage for their work?

12. How might we enable workers to win trust from requesters?

13. How might we enable workers to differentiate valuable tasks among all jobs on the list?

14. How might we enable workers to claim unfair treatment?

15. How might we enable workers to feel respect sent by requesters?

16. How might we enable workers to get engaged into the job?

17. How might we enable requesters to differentiate serious workers from AMT workers coming into AMT platform for fun?

18. How might we enable a requester to know what is the average wage for similar job?

19. How might we enable a requester to filter out invalid work in a short period of time?

20. How might we enable a requester to avoid workers who come to the platform only for quick money without putting efforts into task?

21. How might we enable a requester to attract more qualified workers coming into AMT to finish the task?

Trust-related Ideas

1. Only existing requesters/workers can invite new requesters/workers.

2. New requesters should apply to be a requesters and provide more qualification and information.

3. Improve the rating system of the platform

4. Short the response time for requesters to accept workers' work.

5. To allow workers to follow requesters on AMT; workers can add/follow other workers; requesters can add/follow other requesters, etc.; therefore, 1) workers can have better communication internally, 2) requester can recommend good workers to other requesters, 3) a requester can send invitation to the worker he/she likes.

6. Workers can report the spammers

7. Set up a customer service to provide services for both worker and requester, or solving conflicts between worker and requester.

8. Workers and requesters set up personal profile page, which include photo, demography, purpose of using this platform, task interests, average time spending on this platform, etc.

9. Allow worker/requester to shoot video and post it on the platform for self-introduce or task instruction purpose.

Power-related Ideas

1. Workers can add tags about their skills and the type of tasks they are good at.

2. Add the filters in the side bar and Add categories on the first pages of all the hits.

3. Improve the search function and allow the workers to search hits by preferred requesters.

4. Requesters can define metrics to judge work, but there is only good, better, best work and no bad work.

5. Workers can vouch the skills of other workers.

6. Workers can earn badges to prove their skills while they work on the platform. For example, if a worker is good at translating hits, he will get a badges to prove his skill of translation. 7. The system provides leaderboard of top workers.

8. The requesters can provide rubrics/metrics that can give workers the guidelines for doing the hits. These would also benefit the requesters since workers can know how to do the tasks according to the rubrics instead of mailing the requesters all the time.

9. The system will provide the ideal solutions to workers after they finish the hits.

10. The system can suggest qualified workers to for a particular hit to the requester, based on workers tags, badges and work history.

11. The workers can get the notifications of new hits that are suitable for their qualifications or that are posted by the preferred requesters.

12. The system will provide the template and the samples of previous tasks

13. The system will provide themes with existing and rearranging blocks.

14. The platform has the application for smartphone and tablet. 15. The requesters can provide test hits before the real hits to the workers. Workers can also know the requirements of the hits from the test and know whether they are able to do these hits or not.

16. The workers and requesters can use the community to share the good prices.

17. Having instruction on the front page for letting workers get familiar with the site quickly.

18.Information showing on each HITs should include the average payment of similar task.

19. Having the functionality to show the average accomplishing time of one task; so that workers can expect the hardness of the task and evaluate whether it’s worth to put efforts in.

20. For people who had fraud behavior, system can force them log out from the platform, and stop use the system for a week or so.

21. The system would automatically check if the workers follow the rubric of the hits.

Both Power-related and Trust-related Ideas

1. Build a community in the platform:

  1.1 People have different group chat rooms for different types of tasks.
  1.2 Add bonus point to those requesters who send Thank You letter to the workers.
  1.3 Add the function that workers can chat with requester for asking questions or give comments.

2. Build an achievement system, requesters and workers can earn achievement while they work on the platform. For example, a worker finished 100 hits, he will get a corresponding achievement.

3. The site should provide suggestions to requesters how to pay fairly according to the type of the tasks, the complexity of the tasks and the similar tasks in the history.

3. The workers can leave reviews for the hits, but only the workers who have done the hits can leave reviews.

4. Allow workers to request requesters to give feedback on the job finished by them (volunteer).

5. Allow requesters to give recommendation to workers on their profile page.

6. Allow requesters to grade workers job performance & give feedback (mandatory).

7. Allow requesters to adjust payment based on workers performance instead of paying full wage or nothing.

8. Point System

  8.1 Worker (+)
       Number of task that have been completed
       Time spending on the platform.
       Number of received Thank You letter
       Number of follower/friends (2 points for adding 1 requester; 1 point for adding 1 worker)
       Profile completed rate
  8.2 Worker (-)
       Been deleted from others following list (-2 points for losing 1 requester; -1 point for losing 1 worker)
       Mistakes made in task
       Number of received complain letters
  8.3 Requester (+)
       Recommendations sent by workers
       Number of follower/friends
       When set payment that is higher than average
       Profile completed rate
  8,4 Requester (-)
       Complain letters
       Been deleted from following list

9. Rating System:

  9.1 Requester: 
       Speed on replying message
  9.2 Worker:

Dive Deeper into Specific Ideas

For each of the 4 ideas (2 for trust, 2 for power), describe (using diagrams, sketches, storyboards, text, or some combination) the ideas in further detail.

Please create a separate wiki page for each of your ideas, so we can link to them individually. The title of the wiki page should be Milestone 3 followed by your team name and a description of the idea itself (ex: Milestone 3 YourTeamName TrustIdea 1: Automatic Pricing for Tasks based on Average Completion Time). Once done, post a link to each of your trust-related ideas to http://crowdresearch.meteor.com/category/milestone-3-trust-ideas and a link to each of your power-related ideas to http://crowdresearch.meteor.com/category/milestone-3-power-ideas when done, following the instructions at http://crowdresearch.meteor.com/posts/bXSNbqihjajASBQEL

Trust-related Ideas

Power-related Ideas

Dark Horse idea