Milestone 3 UWI DarkHorseIdea: A Game System

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Our dark house is to build a game system for workers and requesters: they work on this system as they are playing a game. This system will make the workers and requesters feel more engaged in the work as well as people also can build a community in this system. People can get the information about others from the profiles page; people can also leave reviews for hits and communicate in forum page; people also have the payment rubric and hit requirement rubric. However, in this system, people has their own characters and they can earn badges and accessories for their characters when their levels get higher. They can earn the points and rates to improve their levels. The levels, characters and badges can also prove one's working ability and personality.

The profile pages of the game system shows below. The profile has all the information and functions the general profile has. What is different from the general profile page is that it shows the character a worker choose. The badges and accessories are also showed in these page.

  • Workers and requesters have their own characters. For example, a worker can choose survey person if he/she are good at doing surveys.
  • Workers can earn achievements and badges while they work on the platform.
  • Workers and requesters can earn points and rates based on the point system and rating system showed in Milestone 3 UWI.
  • Workers can get bonus if they do hits fast and without mistakes.
  • The platform provide leaderboards for the workers. One leaderboard is for the workers doing a particular type of hits, one is for workers in the same place and one is for all the workers.
  • People will earn accessories for their characters if their levels get higher.