Milestone 3 UWI PowerIdea 2: Rubirc For Payment

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This page shows the rubric that the system provides to the requesters so that requesters can decide their payment based on this rubric. The requesters should enter the type and the complexity of the hits and the system will calculate the accomplishing time and appropriate payment based on the similar hits in the history, the type and the complexity of the hits.

This rubric provides a standard of the payment to the requesters. The requesters would know how much payment is reasonable and there is less possibility that the requesters will give unfair payment. So the workers could trust more about requesters' intention to pay fairly. This will build the trust between workers and requesters and allow the requesters to have the power to pay reasonable wages.

We also allow the requesters to build a rubric for each of their hit which guild the workers while they are doing these hits. So workers would have less confusion about the requirements of the hits and they don't need to message the requesters all the time to ask questions about these hits, which benefits the requesters as well. The requesters could expect more valid results since workers can follow the rubric.

This page shows the rubric for payment