Milestone 3 UWI TrustIdea 1: Profile

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The workers and requesters should upload the photo to their profile. The idea to require a photo is that the photo can provide some information about this person even if it is not the photo of this person. In addition, other people would be more comfortable to contact with a person who has a photo.

A worker/requester can tag himself/herself on this page. Other people can click the “Follow” button to follow him/her.

The page also shows the experience of this person which represents time duration the person use this platform.

The previous tasks shows how active the person is recently and the testimonials shows the comments other people give to him/her about his/her tasks and work.

People can also check who follows this person and who this person follows in this page.

People are also allowed to vouch the skills of other people.

The profile page represents the idea of building a community among the workers and requesters. People can follow others and when a worker follow a requester, he/she can choose to get the notification from the system when the requester posts now hits. Moreover, the profile provide all kinds of information of a person. We believe that the more people know about others, the more people trust others.

The page of the profile shows below: