Milestone 3 UWI TrustIdea 2: HIT and Reviews

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The system allow all the workers who have done a hit to leave reviews of this hit. Workers can leave their feelings and suggestions about this hit with their username or anonymously. Other workers can decide whether to do this hit or not based on the reviews. The requesters can get the suggestions from the reviews. The system also allow everyone to reply the reviews so that the requesters and workers can contact directly through the review sections.

The system also provides a forum page. This page would be similar as the existing forums. The workers and requesters have their own sections and there is also a section for both requesters and workers. In every section, there are different subsections divided by different topics. People can post threads and reply to threads in the forums.

The workers and requesters can also connect with each other by e-mail, but we think that it is better to keep most of the communications public. First, people can easily share information. For example, if every worker ask a requester about the same question through e-mail, the requester has to repeat the answer to every worker. The workers have to wait for the replies. However, if a worker share the answer in the review, other workers don't need to ask the requester again, which saves the time for both this requester and other workers. Second, if most of the communication is public, people would think about their wording while leaving the reviews so fewer reviews with negative emotions would be posted. This also prevent people from abuse others.

This is the page of a hit and its review: