Milestone 3 NCPD DarkHorseIdea: Task Delegation through Middle-man Workers

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An interesting paradigm (that’s potentially crazy) to explore would be the possibility of allowing delegation across workers. Delegation in a direction of decreasing seniority or experience is common in real-life scenarios. In this, a crowd-worker with a higher rating on the platform (implying more experience, more trustworthy, etc.) would be able to delegate a task from the requester to another crowd-worker with a lower rating, serving as a middle-man. In this process, the middle-man requester would pass on most of the pay received from the requester, keeping a small margin. This is potentially a win-win for all the three (or more) parties involved because:

  • The crowd-worker with a low rating is able to receive high-quality work which is usually given to workers with higher ratings, while also improving and progressing his/her rating on the platform.
  • The middle-man, besides gaining a margin and reputation, supervises the worker with his/her expertise.
  • The requester has a higher assurance level of work completion in spite of high engagement of higher-rated workers. Quality of work is also guaranteed because of inspection that’d be carried out by the middle-man, because (s)he is also a stakeholder.