Milestone 3 YourTeamName PowerIdea 2: Alternative design suggestion

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Goals of the design

1. To improve workers HIT completing experience.

2. To increase the amount of quality HIT s and faster results.


Workers if not happy with the design of a particular task or if they feel it can be improved, can do an alternative design and submit alongside the existing design of the requester. If the requester likes the particular UI, can approve it and override the existing design.

1.A worker feels a task is incompetently designed and feels it can be improved.

2.An alternative design of UI is designed and posted as a suggestion.

3. Workers who work on the HIT can vote for or against the suggested design.

4. Based on the votes received and needs, the requester can approve a design.

5.The approved design is substituted for the existing design by the requester.

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