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The workers seldom have any idea about the requesters for whom they are doing tasks. A requester's profile gives them the choice to not do the task if the requester has a low rating. The workers are given power to affect the worker's reputation by providing feedback and ratings.

How it works

Contents of the Profile

We propose that the requester's have a comprehensive profile which has two main parts like :

  1. Description of the tasks that the requester generally puts up which is basically to attract workers. This desciption is a text field that the requester can edit.
  1. Statistics of the previous jobs - These are from the history of the jobs, they can't be edited. Tbey help in making an informed choice about the taks that they want to do.
    1. number of HITs posted.
    2. Avg pay per minute for the previous works posted by the requester - so that workers get an idea about how much the requester generally pays.
    3. number of tasks rejected by the requester.
    4. Avg Time taken by the requester to complete the payment.
    5. Top 2 Categories under which the requester has posted the majority of the tasks - this is to verify that the claims in the desciption are in line with the actual tasks posted.
    6. Categories of the last 5 tasks posted by the requester.
    7. Rating of the task comprehensibility / design by the workers completing the task - this rating is a major power that the worker get by which they can ensure that other workers don't fall into the trap of a scammer.
    8. Comments about the requester by the workers completing the tasks. A text box for the workers to comment about the jobs, their likes/dislikes, etc.
    9. Subscription button - Each profile will have an interested button at the bottom. If a worker finds the profile interesting/useful and clicks on the subscribe button, then the worker gets a notification whenever a new task is posted by that requester.


  • A good reputation for a requester will lead to better visiblity on the HIT list.
  • Workers get to exercise their power of downvoting or upvoting a requester's desirability measures such as "fairness rating", "payment rating" and other statistics that are on this profile.
  • These statistics that are collectively controlled by the worker community and are visible to the entire community will make the requesters accountable and ensure more transparency as unfair behaviour would evidently show up in their stats.
  • Control over these stats gives the community power to fight back against unfair requesters.
  • This system is advantageous to requesters too. Requesters who are fair and pay reasonably attract more workers and get their jobs done quicker.
  • Workers can assess a lot more that trustworthiness of the requesters. By viewing more information about requesters such as areas of interests, profession, field of work, type of tasks they assign, the worker can decide whether they would like to work for these requesters or not. If their jobs, tasks, historical work is pertinent to their interests and skills or not.
  • Requester become wary of a bad review or rating. They will ensure that their tasks are well designed and well paying.
  • Requester will not arbitrarily reject worker's task because the rejection count will be reflected on their profile.