Milestone 3 ZSpace TrustIdea 1: Worker Recommender System

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Current Situation

  • The Requester cannot choose the workers who attempt the created HIT, it is available for all workers to accept.
  • At present requester can only informally request the worker to attempt the HIT. If we formalize the mechanism the requester can get the privilege.


There are situations when a requester is impressed by the work of a particular Turker and wants to receive that particular workers views in the subsequent HITs. The requester can recommend HITs to the workers he feels are more appropriate for the task. Even a newbie can recommend tasks to highly rated workers as required.

Possible Benefits

  • It can ensure better quality results.
  • It can allow requesters to have a indirect say in who attempts the HITs.

Possible Challenges

The requester can misuse the system :

  • By spamming workers with HITs in order to get them accepted faster.

Solution: The requester can recommend one HIT to a limited number of workers say 5.

  • The possibility of misusing the system to improve the requester’s reputation by fixing HITs with a worker in-exchange for a good review.

Solution: The challenge exists even in the absence of the proposed idea. A closer check on such scams can be carried out.