Milestone 3 ams PowerIdea 1: Bring Top Workers Closer to Requesters

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The primary objective of our system is to achieve a quality workflow. By allowing requesters to directly invite top workers to complete their HITs, we can build a platform which supports and encourages quality work.

Top Performers

  • There is no better feeling than people acknowledging your presence and work quality. We must capitalize on this human emotion where the top workers in the system are exposed automatically to quality jobs which pay well
  • It keeps the top workers motivated to maintain their current form
  • Each worker can set a minimum wage per HIT of a particular skill set in case a requester wishes to invite him/her, so that the requester is clear about how much to pay in order to receive quality results
  • Simplifies the user experience of top workers by bringing jobs of their interest directly to their notice, which will keep the top performer tied to using our crowdsourcing platform


  • With a simple search tool which can specify the skillsets and minimum pay per HIT, the requester can browse through the list of top performers which fit their needs, as well as their pockets
  • New requesters will be motivated to use the platform if we can provide them quality workers right from the starting
  • Old requesters will be assured that the platform will keep returning quality results as long as they hire the right worker
  • Requesters can be assured that their quality crucial work is done quickly and correctly, even if they need to pay slightly more to top workers

Ams 3 requester top search.jpg

Other Workers

  • The system might feel biased towards top performers, but the other workers can still search for top quality and well paying jobs, and work on those HITs. The only minor disadvantage is that they will not be automatically contacted by requesters
  • The other workers will be motivated to improve their quality of work so that they can also be classified as top performers

End Note

There can never be a system where you can please each and everyone. However, we can ensure that the people who are committed to use the platform, as a worker or a requester, will sooner or later benefit from the perks of our platform.