Milestone 3 ams PowerIdea 2: Support System

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A support system, or third party reviewers, is an essential force ensuring the balance of power between the requester and the worker. The support system is a team comprised of experienced workers/requesters who are dedicated to perform the following tasks:

Ams 3 support team functions.jpg

Is Wage Fair?

In case there are issues regarding the minimum wage of certain type of jobs, the support system must be aware of the market dynamics, wages in alternative crowdsourcing platforms and also specific details of the job posting, so that they can make an informed decision before settling on a minimum wage. We can also supplement the requester as well as the support system with the average wage of a certain type of job, so that it can aid in clearing issues.

Ams 3 resolve complaints.jpg

Reviewing Unjustly Rejected Work

  • We need to develop a paid system where specialized people in the support team dedicate time to resolve issues related to rejected work.
  • Since it is impossible to review thousands of rejected work, the list of rejected work must be curated so that the support team either takes on cases related to mass rejection, or cases which involve requester/worker with a poor reputation
  • After the resolution of the issue, the requester or the worker will be penalised accordingly
  • Having a high ratio of penalties can impose a ban on the requester or worker too

Ams 3 Resolve complaint workflow.jpg

Provide any Other Support

Other technical or soft support might be required by the worker and requester, and the support team must help them out 24x7

Worthy Note

Freelancing platform, WriterBay, works in a similar fashion where a Support Team is constantly available to work things out between a client and the contractor. The Support Team is really strict about deadlines and work quality, and do not hesitate in removing old experienced workers in case their recent job performance is falling.