Milestone 3 ams TrustIdea 1: Total Rating and Recent Track Record

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  1. Provide a continuous rating system of the entire history of workers/requesters
  2. Provide an alternative rating system which emphasizes on the current level of working quality

Dual Rating System

Total Rating System

  • Regular rating system which captures rating in the form of a numerical scale of 5
  • Supports written feedback associated with each rating
  • The total rating is the average of all individual ratings of a worker/requester

Recent Track Record System

  • Alternative rating system
  • Used in parallel with the Total Rating System
  • Focuses on the quality of the recent activity of a worker/requester
  • We calculate the recent track record system by the rating data from the last n number of job ratings

Ams rating system idea.jpg

Needs for Such Systems

Total Rating System

  • Requesters can identify the workers with consistant performance
  • Workers can use their total rating to appeal to a requester
  • Total rating can be used to scout top performers in the system (who have some additional priveleges)

Recent Track Record System

  • Workers need to stay motivated at all times. A worker might start off his career as a crowd-worker with enthusiasm and accuracy, but with time might lose interest and focus in the tasks to be performed.
  • Recent track record system will indicate whether a worker has been in great form, or has been taking his job lightly in the recent jobs.
  • Similarly, analogy is applied to the requesters

Ams 3 Rating system gui.jpg