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The DarkHorseIdeas:

The Dark Horse is an intriguing tale of mystery, set some time in the distant past. A young girl, Mouse, is rescued from a pack of wolves and is taken to the village of Storn, where Olaf and his family adopt her. Mouse’s arrival brings difficulty and tension – she communicates infrequently at first, yet possesses unusual skills of communication with animals; ‘ Your daughter prefers the company of dogs’ (page 20) mocks Horn when Mouse is found sleeping with the hounds, Mouse says, ‘I know what they’re thinking.’ (page 28) Mouse confuses the villagers of Storn and so we see her increasing alienation by Horn, the Lawspeaker and his followers. The village of Storn is in danger – poor harvests and fishing may lead to starvation, but the Dark Horse, whose imminent arrival hangs over the community, causes the real fear. In this exciting tale of sorcery and battle, it is the discovery by Mouse and her adoptive brother Sigurd of a box on the seashore and the arrival of a mysterious stranger that shatters the peace of Storn forever. The box reveals ultimately, the shocking truth of Mouse’s identity and brings to Storn, the Dark Horse in their attempt to destroy the village. A compelling tale of friendship and love, loyalty and betrayal told in both the first and the third person; this has the twists and turns to keep you hooked until its unusual and moving conclusion.

1.Try to take up students or a any undergraduates who are willing to make money. Train them to work to learn not to earn.Everyone might think they might not make it or may not be qualified enough but eventually if they make up the tasks and finish the job,they might excel.

This encourages students to examine the relationship between requester and worker, finding quotations to support their own ideas and feelings. It contains two activities, one finding quotations, the other is an extended piece of creativity based on the text.