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Hangout with Ketchup... ehmmm... catch up


A lot of workers complained about the fact that they had nearly now (internal) way of complaining to the requesters, for example about unfair rejections. The only option they have is to write emails, which usually disappear somewhere and are never answered. So we thought a good way to ensure that requesters behave in a responsible way could be to give every worker the option to request a direct call to every requester he has been working for (regardless of if their work has been accepted or not). Therefore, for every task they have worked on, they should have a "request direct call" button. Then, randomly, for every requester, one "call request" a week gets chosen and his account gets blocked until it is confirmed that he actually has had a hangout call with the respective worker.


Requesters cannot hide behind their screen, if they treat workers in an infair way they will have to explain themselves eventually. Therefore, workers will get less angry, because they will have the feeling they actually could do something about unfair treatment (and in our opinion most likely won't) and requesters will be careful with their actions. -> win/win situation... ketchup rules :D