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In order for requesters to reject more that a certain threshold of submissions, they get to pay a fee to all workers that submitted something and the workers' reputation will not be influenced.

Addresses the following needs of the users:

  • workers need to trust that their work will not be rejected without reason
  • requesters need to be trusted such that even when they are knew to the platform, people decide to work on their tasks


The worker should be able to not agree with the Requester's decision when a task is rejected. That's why we are proposing a crowdrejection system for some cases where there is a reason to not agree. In the crowdrejection system, the final decision would be taken by other requesters and workers that are not directly involved in the task (they don't work on it, and they don't pay for it).

We want the platform to be easy to use for everyone and avoid disappointments for all users.

Two big problems for croudsourcing platforms are first, that new requesters have a difficult start because workers don't trust them and, second, that workers can be rejected without obtaining any reason from requesters. This also causes their reputation to go down.

We thought we could react to both problems by introducing a mechanism that allows every requester to reject only a certain number (maybe dependent on how many tasks he has already put) of submissions without penalty. This penalty consists in that he has to pay for every submission, even the rejected ones, a small amout of money. Furthermore, such a rejection will have no negative effect on the workers reputation.

The reason behind this is that we suppose that, if the requester has to reject too many submissions, it is probably his/her fault, for creating unclear tasks.