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This is the submission page for Milestone 3 by Team pentagram.

Initial Brainstorm

The ideas obtained on Initial Brainstorm

Trust-related Ideas

In general the most effective way of building trust among a group of people is a means for direct interaction with each other . Possible ideas will be a social network exclusively for turking or a chatroom; and these need to be integrated into the platform.

How do I trust who you say you are?

  1. Twitter like account verification. Verify based on interactions by admins with the proclaimed requester
  2. If experiment/task requires a particular demography/ethnicity of workers, then it is preferred that workers' accounts are also verified
  3. A reputation system for a requester will help in developing trust among workers about working for any requester. This reputation system is monitored both by the platform host/admin and the workers. (Eg: Turkopticon)
  4. LinkedIn's endorsement scheme. Requesters/workers can endorse/vouch for a skilled worker with regards to a particular skill
  5. Valid ID proof while signing up (like SSN or Driving License)

How do I trust that the results I get are results that will be good?

  1. Platform can hold a small trial very similar to the task that the worker wants to take up. This will justify/validate their claim about their skills in that particular field
  2. A peer workers review system to review and verify results posted by the workers for a task. The reviewers(other workers) can be paid if necessary
  3. Workers get extra bonus repuation points(or money) based on how good or accurate the results for the task are

How do I trust that you’ll respect me as a worker, and pay me accordingly?

  1. Based on requester's reputation and previous achievements
  2. Ask workers to give a feedback about the requester
  3. If many complaints are filed against a requester by workers, the host org. should review the same and deactivate the requester's account
  4. A priority system (like DoTA2) i.e a requester or worker with bad reputation/complaints or malpractices will be pushed to a low prioirty band for a duration(depending on activity). Such a user will not be allowed to participate in regular turking activities during the low priority period.
  5. Ability to import reputations/other info from other existing platforms like oDesk, StackExchange, etc.
Usecase : If a worker is good at answering technical questions, his reputation points from StackExchange can help in verifying his claim or skill

Power-related Ideas

Who has the power to post work?

  1. A requester who is serious about his task and willing to deposit some money as an advance payment. This will act as an assurance for the worker that he will be paid for an accepted result for a task

Who has power to edit other peoples’ posted work?

  1. Any verified user with good reputation can edit the details of the work posted by a requester (usually in case of insufficient data or details)
  2. A worker who has completed a task and gotten good reviews form the requester is allowed to update any details about the task(for better understanding understanding for others). This is within the discretion of the requester. Also the worker is given some additional rep points for the same.
  3. Admin of the host of platform

Who has power to return results to the requester? Can I, as a worker, send it back myself, or does someone else need to vet it?

  1. If the requester finds it absolutely necessary, the results can be verified by a set of reviewers who inturn need to be paid
  2. A worker with high reputation and skill points in the particular fields that are tagged for the task, can directly submit the work to the requester. Assurance for quality in this case --> reputation points deduction and low priority scheme

Dive Deeper into Specific Ideas

Trust-related Ideas

Power-related Ideas

Dark Horse idea