Milestone 3 pixelpals Dark Horse idea: US Credentials a way of making money

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Background: Most of the mechanical turk allows only US citizens to sign in to Mturk as those of AMT.And workers from India or Bangladesh are not allowed to register.So thus there are very few platforms available for citizens of India and other such countries.

To widen the Platforms for Citizens of India and other such countries. US citizens can sell their legal credentials to a verified citizen of other countries so that those verified citizens can register into mturks and work in mturk. US citizen then can even ask for certain percentage of profit workers/requesters of other countries gain in mturk. In this way US citizens earn money by selling their legal credentials and from profit gained by citizens of other countries ( to whom US citizen has sold his/her credentials) and on other hand,citizens of other countries can earn money through more number of mturks available to them by buying US credentials. Thus more opputunities leads to more profit .

Verification of citizens of other countries can take place through their SSID number and also through online social media profile, if exists. and also US citizens can have video chat , if they want.


  • More oppurtunities to workers/requesters of other countries apart from US citizens.
  • Crowdsourcing platforms to be used on large scale around the globe.
  • More number of tasks available for workers to do.
  • More number of variety of tasks on mturks.
  • More number of requesters and thus crowdsourcing platforms can earn huge profits from them.
  • Oppurtunity for US citizens to earn more.


  • Verification of citizens for other countries can be trivial tasks.
  • Proof of US citizens legal credentials is again very trivial.