Milestone 3 pixelpals TrustIdea 1: create a platform where workers can be confident about the task

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Workers need to be confident that they understand the goal of the task. Many times workers avoid tasks that have ambiguous goals or might result in errors that get them rejected. They become risk-averse when a task might be confusing and affect their reputation or payment.


How might we create a platform where workers can be confident about the task?

There should forum associated with the task where workers can ask questions and requesters can clarify them. There are certain common queries associated with a task which may be missed out and needs to be clarified. In this way, people can post queries in the public forum and everyone can benefit from it, reducing the ambiguity associated the task. In fact fellow workers can also clarify them. Solutions or clarifications can be upvoted or downvoted by the workers. Although there exists a mailing system, but generally workers mail the requesters for payment and other issues. Moreover requesters generally don’t respond so quickly and in many cases they don’t reply because there is no compulsion.In the embedded Question-Answer forum, if requesters don’t clarify the doubts it highlights that the requesters are not interested and are not helpful. On the basis of this workers can trust or distrust requesters. Alternatively we can also create a chat room where workers can clarify their doubts.