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Initial Brainstorm

Trust-related Ideas

1. How does the requester ensure the work(HIT) submitted is correct and ensure quality?

- Dividing the work into a set of milestones which will checked by the requester time to time and partial payment will be done on that basis. Workers need to trust that they will be fairly compensated for the work they do.

- The requester must target his HITs to the workers matching the skill-set needed for that HIT to ensure quality.

- The HITs must be described well-enough so that there is no predicament in understanding the task and correct results are received.

- Sometimes requesters want to know the skills and capabilities of the worker taking up a task because of which they put up a survey/questionnaire before the actual task id made available to the worker. Workers are usually expected to fill them up free of cost. However, a worker is taking out his time to fill up the survey to be able to do a job for the requester and thus, the requester should pay the worker a small amount for this because it ensures quality.

- The time limit set should not be too challenging, and should be a bit more than the average completion time expected to getter better results.

2. Check the identity of the Worker : Scan-Scammer System wherein the previous work of the workers will be recorded and the worker will be given some certification that they are genuine. To verify a worker's genuineness Captcha filtering followed by Interviewing should be followed. Qualification tests to filter the workers based on skillset and then an informal communication between the worker and the requester would help in building trust.

3. How does the worker ensure that he has understood the task?

- Requester must provide video lectures .

- A meeting channel for doubt clarification and Hangouts incase majority of people wish to get more information about HITs.

- Provide good documentation and technical support and pay the people who provide it.

4. How do workers trust that they will be fairly compensated for the work they do?

- Work should be approved for HITs as soon as possible.

- Requesters must be ranked/rated on the basis of their previous contributions to AMT ,posted HITs and payment methods to get an idea as to how the worker will be paid for the work done (TurkOpticon).

- Transparency should be maintained between the requesters and the workers regarding evaluation and correctness of HITs so that the workers know what they are being paid for and what not.

- Workers might be awaiting the payment of their job as soon as possible. They should be ensured payment within a certain time if the work is correctly done.

- Bonuses should be given and clearly mentioned.

- Definite terms for rejection of workers should be clearly specified in the question.

- Workers should be paid more if they are capable of doing a task a step further. This should be ensured by clearly specifying the bonus task in the question with the extra payment made. It would be good to approve tasks with bonus tasks done more quickly as the worker will be expecting a higher payment and has done more work than others.

Power-related Ideas

Dive Deeper into Specific Ideas

Trust-related Ideas

Power-related Ideas

Dark Horse idea