Milestone 3 researchinprogress PowerIdea 1:Let's Hangout

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Should the worker have power to contact the requester for any issue?


An informal communication channel must be there for discussing any issue. This is quite helpful for ensuring good quality work .The informal interactions also helps requesters better understand workers’ processes and contexts, leading to better task design, higher work quality, and fairer pay and review processes, increasing requesters’ confidence that work will be done well and workers’ confidence that work will be reviewed fairly and paid for promptly.

The worker must be given the rights to make comments on the HITs posted by the requester [as a form of interaction ]. For this a voting system needs to be established to upvote or downvote the type of work posted by the requester.

Pictorial representation of power idea 1, Let's Hangout.

Deeper Insight:

Many a times, the issue of not understanding the task hinders the process of completion of a task by a worker. The requester in such a case should be available to answer all the queries upbrought by the workers. We can propose a voting system for each task which will be initiated after 10 minutes of posting a HIT, after the workers read the HIT, they might come up with some problems in understanding the case, in this case they can upvote to have a google hangout, say there are 50 workers for a HIT, if more than 25 upvote for a google hangout then the requester should be notified about the same by AMT and he/she should then comment after the upvotes for a suitable time for google hangout. The workers should then ping the requester with their email-ids. The requester on the given time should add all the workers to the google hangout and hold a meeting to discuss their problems. Just like our google hangouts, there can be a forum similar to slack, where the workers can simultaneously post their doubts that emerge during the meeting and the requester should be able to answer the queries elaborately. Considering the vast range of workers that are involved in the process, there should be a file shared by the requester after the meeting on google hangout which should contain the list of queries along with their solutions. If this seems to be tedious for the requester, he/she has the option to upload a video of the meeting as well.