Milestone 3 researchinprogress PowerIdea 2: FiltREQ

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Filtering the Requesters

Flow chart of power idea 2, FiltREQ

Requester has the power to get their tasks noticed by the workers. A task - recommendation system must be there which makes tasks visible to workers based on their interests and skill set. For publicising their HITs they can purchase an additional package of sorts which they can use to reach out more and more professional turkers in a really efficient way with a targeted set of users. What we propose is to use the database of all the HITs from the requestors which have been active on the platform. If the acceptance rate of the HITs is insignificant these requestors can be discarded from the set. Now, we arrange the requestor HITs according to the number of HITs per time frame in a descending order so that the requestors are prioritised according to the frequency of HITs. We will extract tags from the information that is available from each HIT. Now, using an intelligent algorithm we would target the workers who have skills matching these tags. Showing these HITs as links in the side bars as featured set of HITs would make much more sense as exactly the right people will be seeing these “ads” and thus it would be easier for workers to find these jobs. In this way, we are also removing the spammers and scammers which are anyway inactive on the platform and thereby meeting the need of reaching a targeted audience.