Milestone 3 researchinprogress TrustIdea 1:ScamScreenSystem(Layered Screening of Scammers)

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ScamScreen System (Layered Screening of Scammers)

Flow chart for trust idea 1, ScamScreenSystem

We have seen that informal communication helps workers better understand the context of a requester’s tasks, leading to better work. These interactions helps in validating the identity of the worker. The points/rating system that is already in place on Turkopticon. Past assessment of the worker should there wherein the previous work of the workers will be recorded and the worker will be given some certification that they are genuine. We don’t really need the real name, geographic location and personal details about the workers, in fact this would be wrong to do so as this would mean that the requestor enjoys even more power. Allowing the option for a worker to remain anonymous would give a sense of security to the workers so that they feel safe. Requesters can specify that people who work on their tasks must first complete a qualification test to ensure quality of work. We often see that cheaters are always there; among both genuine workers and requestors. All of this cheating behaviour erodes mutual trust in the market. Providing with various checks like captcha, reCaptcha etc. also helps in checking if the end user is a bot or not.