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Initial Brainstorm

Trust-related Ideas

1. How might the workers be ensured that they are compensated timely and fairly?

2. How might the goals of the task be made un-ambiguos and easily interpretable?

3. How might the workers trust that a task is competitively priced in the e-market?

4. How might the requesters be able to trust the quality of the results retrieved?

5. How might the worker's self reported qualifications be made more transparent and trustworthy?

6. How might a potential fraudster (on both sides) be identified?

7. How might the reviews be made more reliable and be guarded against undue updates?

8. How can review fairness be ensured (eg, no spam accounts, no rating oneself)?

9. How might workers ensure that their feedbacks as given by requester are fair and based on the quality of work and not any other parameter?

10. How can Workers be sure that they won't be replaced by technology in this world of Automation and Virtual Environments and would be a part of it?

11. In the event of an editing system, how can requesters ensure their tasks are not being unduly or improperly edited?

12. How might workers ensure that their feedbacks as given by requester are fair and based on the quality of work and not any other parameter?

Power-related Ideas

1. How might the requesters be able to price their task fairly?

2. Does crowd sourcing has the power to become a type of industry in itself? Self Funding,Designing,Producing and sharing what people already have?

3. Diverse audiences will deliver diverse solutions,and the most viable and financially promising suggestions will typically win out.Research shows that in crowdsourcing those who are most removed from the expertize typically associated with solving a problem often are more successful as they look at the issue from a fresh prospective. Will future crowdsource market give power to the novice workers to pursue the requester to take into consideration some suggestions which might prove fruitful for the platform at a later stage.As the platform developers are technical people,so generally suggestions from normal workers are not taken into consideration as they are considered to be trivial.

4. Will crowdsourcing in a way give employees the power to think beyond the realm of money and pursue things that they wanted to do,the main aim is to bring about a radical change in the thought process and sometimes the employees have to make career changes owing to personal reasons.So is crowdsourcing powerful enough to satisfy the needs of potential employees and help them in sustaining their daily income?

5. Does crowdsourcing has the power to envision traits towards a global economy? As future predictions and models related to crowdsourcing tell us that it aims towards a begining of Collaborative Economy,so can it lead to a global stability,employment for many,food,space and other facilities for people of the society?Or does it again hint back at the development of Socialist Economy structure instead of a Capitalistic one,will there be a reversal in the present traits and if yes then can it overcome the previous bottlenecks of the Socialist Structure?In short is it aiming at development of a different Government structure?

6. How might the requesters find the most suitable qualifications to meet their tasks?

7. How can requesters ensure their work is done to their standards?

8. Will the Worker be given enough power to choose the type of work he feels is according to his skill set and then be able to ask nominal payment for the same?Will crowd sourcing adopt or implement the fundamentals of Freelancing?

9. How can a user (worker or requester) take the next step when they are treated unfairly?

10. How might the requesters be more aware about the status of their HITS?

11. How might task generation become a smooth hassle free process?Does the platform allow both requesters and workers to remove the bottlenecks of the system?

12. Workflow Planning as Decentralized Theoritic Optimization Problem.

Dive Deeper into Specific Ideas

Trust-related Ideas

Power-related Ideas

Dark Horse idea