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We propose to have meetings out of the crowdsourcing platforms in order to improve relationships and the behaviour in the crowdsourcing platforms. The meetings would be informal meetings, whose main goal is to make the crowdsourcing agents (i.e. requesters and workers) get closer. Platform owners and developers could also join the meetings. Our system would have a dating system to allow requesters date workers, requesters date requesters and workers date workers. In bigger group meetings, we would have informal talks while having something to drink (also non-alcoholic beers). People can tell others about things they found out, ideas they had and raise topics they are unsure about. Furthermore, we would have team building activities to make people play together with a common goal, and enable better communication among them. We hope crowdsourcing requesters and workers would feel happier, trust more each other and the crowdsourcing system itself. We think that as a result, they would all (requesters and workers) work better.