Milestone 4 ABC Reputation: Ratings and Experiences

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The problem addressed here is how we are going to assign some reputation to the worker/requester so that there can be quality work available to the requesters and at the same time the requesters can trust the work submitted to them by the worker. Our idea is inspired by the ideas DIFFERENT LEVELS OF WORKERS, USER RATING SYSTEM and BRING TOP WORKERS CLOSER TO REQUESTERS.

Proposed Solution

This is how are system is going to be designed:

a) Our system is going to involve every worker/requester have two reputation bars connected to their profile, one is the experience bar, which tells us how experienced the worker/requester has been on this platform while the rating bar is going to tell us about the quality of work in case of the workers and the quality of job posted in case of requesters. Also, the ratings go hand in hand with Trust.More is the rating, more trustworthy a worker/requester will be.

b) Also, once the reputation (Experience and Rating) of the worker clears a threshold, he would be qualified to be called a Top Turker. Since these turkers have been contributing a lot to the system, which is indicated by their reputation level, the system should allow them to enjoy some perks in order to encourage them to continue their quality work. These perks could be in various forms, which is for the system admins to decide. They could be higher wages because of the work quality, better jobs availability matching their skillset etc

c) Apart from this, experienced requesters too will enjoy the benefits of higher reputation on the system. They can be provided with better task design templates so that they don't have to waste much time designing their task every time they post some job. The design of this template could be learned from the previous postings done by these requesters both manually as well using Machine Learning.

d) Reputation level will also help in task recommendation for the workers on this platform. Using the data collected over the period of time, we could apply various Machine Learning algorithms in order to recommend tasks which suits the workers profile and pays them well.