Milestone 4 Improve task quality design by rating skills by Team1

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Task quality design -  Improve task quality design by rating skills 


Specific phenomenon of Guilds and Professional expertise. Rating by skill implies itself an interaction system between worker and requester. We would like to talk about list of a professional expertise . Community managers of guild’s head in a first case could provide a list of skill. In each working process between worker and requester it would begin from checking a particular profile of worker. He could see rating of his finished tasks and his skills rating .Then task quality design would be better. It would have a proper rating system / so in his case fair pay system also might come out . And feedback system would work with a particular professional expertise list ( Ranking system ) and synthesized in structure. Any way a question who is an aright to give a ranking system . Let’s see / Puzzle : Guilds and professional expertise helps us specify implementation of each task and as a consequence increase quality performance .


/ for example / using a system from a worker’s s view Community manager or system itself provide a list of a professional skills (expertise). Each professional field ( guild) consist from different professional expertise ‘ Worker choosing it optional . ( I think worker can choose few field of work , communities, some of them like social research or other simple task that not require specific professional skill ) Then list of professional expertise should be filled up by worker. Then worker (user) directing to his web page with an a access to a chosen community fields . That helps us specify implementation of each task and as a consequence increase quality performance .If average of performance evaluation, goes low same professional expertise been marked as unsatisfactory , over 3 times worker get noticed /

Vic list epertise .001.jpg

for example / using a system from a requester view

Vic list epertise .002.jpg


In a result we would have a fair working system / good working system a definition - A work system is a system in which human participants and/or machines perform work (processes and activities) using information, technology, and other resources to produce products/services for internal or external customers. In this way Worker and Customer could produce/ get a better quality result .

So in fact if we could fix all system with a proposed standards in the beginning / and play this architecture both ways. Could provide a better feedback to a system it self. Not only from a developer view but in a more practical way. So community mangers should exist its self for a first demo testing / after it could be people with hight raiting / and good reputation / but sense its just a beginning. Worker could became a community manager. (if he had a hight rating) There is would be flow of a requester / but it its some constant requester / so we think we could make his own community.


Team1: @seko - Sekandar Matin & @purynova - Victoria Purynova & @kamila - Kamila Mananova