Milestone 4 NCPD

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Design Axes for 3 Themes



  • Focuses on having a better support with the worker and typing to make him happy for his work.
  • Trying to build trust between the worker and requester.
  • Have informal communication between requesters and workers.


  • Second idea : aims at making everyone understand the system from others point of view, hence making them realize everyone’s responsibilities - Power
  • Third Idea and Fourth Idea : trying to connect personally with the workers.
  • Fifth Idea : aims at building profile. So, that others can trust your skill sets.


  • Give a second chance to the worker to finish his task, when for a genuine reason he was unable to complete it before.
  • Requester and worker portfolios
  • Chat system



  • Both ideas use humans to review the work and this person is neither the worker nor the requester for that particular work s/he is reviewing.


  • First Idea involves people who are part of the system like other workers.
  • Secondly Idea uses a third party, who is probably at some authoritative position. Eg . part of advisory board.


  • The tasks could be classified as “Easy”,”Intermediate” or “Hard” to help the workers choose the tasks that best suits them. But the definition of these categories could mean different for different people. The category “Easy” could be “Hard” for some and vice versa.
  • There should be communication between the worker and the requester time to time to ensure that the task is performed in a right way.
  • Rating the job done by the worker will help the requesters notice the workers who are fit to carry out their job.
  • Once the worker submits the task, it has to be reviewed to check if it meets the standards. Instead of the requester checking for standards of the work, it would be better of we can have a set of independent reviewers. One of the top workers could become a reviewer.
  • Rating and crowd reviewing
  • Creation and Monitoring of Milestones



  • Mainly aims at building trust of the workers.
  • Focuses on compensation and fair wages.


  • More importance is given to compensation than on reviewing.
  • Giving more compensation to first few who register will not be a fair way of providing compensation.


  • The wage that is paid to the worker should be proportional to the effort that he puts in.
  • Creation and Monitoring of Milestones

List of Ideas and the Theme they belong to

Milestone 4 NCPD Empathy: Chat System

Milestone 4 NCPD Results: Rating and Crowd Reviewing

Milestone 4 NCPD Transparency: Creation and Monitoring of Milestones