Milestone 4 NCPD Empathy: Chat System and Portfolios

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Chat system

Another requirement mentioned by Six Silberman in his post is the need to facilitate informal communication to improve market outcomes. As he mentioned, sometimes workers have to deal with technical issues which requesters did not plan for. Such issues need to be resolved quickly for the work to be completely with high quality results. The best way to quickly communicate is to have a chatting mechanism as seen in many social networking sites these days. This will help in better understanding of the problem or the context and the problem can be solved in real time. e.g. a person working on Google Docs shared with another person, can also chat with him on Google Hangout simultaneously, discussing the work they are dealing with. Informal Communication via chatting can also develop trust between each other and hence helps in better understanding and cooperation in completing the task.

Requester and worker portfolios

Requesters and workers need to have trust in each other and on the platform they are working on in order to achieve better results. But building trust amongst each other is one of the biggest challenges faced in crowdsourcing. One of the ways to achieve this trust is by having accounts of requesters and workers as portfolios. This portfolio should display their skill sets with a proof e.g. if a worker says he is good in programming and technically strong, then that can be proven by displaying where he graduated from or by telling which IT company he worked for and what was his contribution there. On the requester side, he can provide as proof the details about the company or firm the worker will be working for. This will help requester build trust about worker’s skills to successfully complete the task, and worker to trust the requester about his seriousness towards the task to be completed with high quality results ensuring to get paid satisfactorily.