Milestone 4 NotMathMajors Empathy: Workathons: 24 Hour Working Sprints

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Empathy Idea: Workathons

Based on the chart of the ideas discussed within the theme of Empathy, we decided upon the idea of system-sponsored meetings for workers and requesters where the goal is to make as much money as possible within 24 hours. The meetings, or "Workathons" could take place in a physical location where the workers and requesters gather, or simply take place online within the system. There would be rewards for top performers, on top of the money that was already made. The Workathons could either be sponsored by specific requesters and feature only their tasks, or be run by a group of requesters who sponsor it. The incentive for the requesters being that they will be guaranteed to have their tasks completed quickly, and they can promote a good image of their brand in the eyes of the workers that participate.

This idea owes credit to the ideas of Crowd Beers, Bonus Pools for Quality Work, and the Hackathons that are regularly run for programmers.