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Design Axes for 3 Themes



  • Worker to have profile which contains skills along with proficiency level.
  • Rating and ranking based on rating for requesters/workers
  • More stress on workers rating and less on requesters.
  • A classification of workers and requesters as per experience , performance and credibility.
  • Requesters will chose highly rated workers to trust result quality.


  • One idea is to skill set and workers ranking themselves skill set , tasks with those skills are available to workers. Rest of the ideas don’t have self ranking.
  • One idea talks about workers also becoming moderators of the platform, rest of them do not talk of such.



  • Pricing of the task to be standardized in some way either based on minimum wage, optimal point of demand & supply etc.


  • Surge model of rise in price if the task needs to be done immediately and the price to go down as the time progress
  • Check point at frequent intervals to avoid mass rejection but it has its limitation.



  • Humanize the workers - Currently workers are hiding behind the unsympathetic platform like MTurk which does not allow effective communication between the requesters and workers. Requester can reject completed work without even thinking what worker will feel when it doesn’t get expected result for his/her work. When we meet people, when we see what they do, when requesters will see workers as individual like them, then they will be treat workers more fairly.
  • Building trust as in real world relationship - In real world we have many acquaintances to whom with we interact to get work done - Doctors, lawyers, plumbers, etc etc. We trust them to cure us, set our affairs straight or fix our broken sink. The chief reason we trust them because we meet them when we need them. If requesters meet workers, if they socialize, if requesters send flowers (instead of money as bonus, although sometimes money will also do) when workers do good work for them then it will create trust between the worker will likely to repeat the same quality in next tasks


  • Some ideas concerned around making the user feel what the users go through when they work as worker. This can achieved via switching roles, or meet them personally and let them talk about themselves and understand their problems.
  • Some ideas concerned around making the user building user trust but using two entirely different approaches - One is by sending the gifts to users via in-platform service to let them know that requester value the work that has been done. Other idea to achieve this by actually meeting them in person having worker know that requester value their work.

List of Ideas and the Theme they belong to

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