Milestone 4 Opera Reputation: Karma Points

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Each requester and worker has Karma points which helps in deciding which requesters and workers are better in producing and consuming tasks. Depending upon this karma points they can rate each other (i.e requester can rate worker and vice-versa). Total rating of the worker/requester is combination of the this mutual rating and Karma points. Karma points decided upon following parameters:

  • How many tasks are completed
  • How fast worker completed task
  • How many of the completed task where rejected
  • How many tasks are submitted by the requester
  • Quality of the tasks submitted (how much editing required for task to be clear to understand?)
  • How fair was the requester when task finished (how many rejected task were actually bad?)

Requester Karma Points

When requester submits task, platform checks how good the task is, whether task has problem interpreting depending upon home many disputes it created. Also when task finished, how quickly payments are released. Etc. By collecting the statistic system generates the Karma Points for the requester. Requester karma.png

Worker Karma Points

Similar to karma points of the requester, Karma points for the workers are calculated. When worker finishes the task - system calculates how fast the task is completed, what is quality of the finished task, whether task are accepted without any dispute, etc. Depending upon this Karma points for the worker is calculated. Worker karma.png

Worker/Requester Rating

Requester can rate worker's performance or worker can rate requester's based upon the Karma points. Only when requester has Karma points above some threshold then only s/he can rate the worker and similarly worker can rate requester if s/he has Karma points above some threshold. Rating.png


Based upon rating and karma some top Workers and Requesters were recognized per month or quarter. Those workers and requesters are awarded with some extra karma points and/or monetary benefit. Also leaderboard will help requester in choosing the best workers to complete tasks fast and with quality. Leaderboard.png