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Design Axes for 3 Themes

Reputation: To design a better reputation system

  • What do these ideas tend to have in common?

1. Broadly classify workers and requesters based on various factors such as experience and quality of work

2. Aim to match the right kind of need from requester with the workers having the relevant experience

3. Improve motivation for work done through incentive scheme

  • How do these ideas tend to differ?

1. The yardstick used to judge a worker like experience versus accuracy of work

2. The approach adopted for requesters to select the appropriate pool of workers

The first example deals with experience. It mainly deals with task completion and does not go too much into the quality of the task completed. It is a very quantitative design.

The second example on the other hand encourages quality work by inviting top workers to complete HIT's.This system is however biased only towards top performers. Both the example given depict a system where workers are motivated to work harder in order to gain recognition. While this system may not be really good for the newcomers, it is great in the long run.

Allowing the workers to choose their skill level is a good option only if the workers are not likely to deceive the requesters by giving false information. Since this is a very ideal scenario, it is not practically implementable.


Task clarity is an important parameter quality work. More clarity of task provides a better working experience for workers and a better output of work for the requestors. The first example deals with a more family oriented approach. Workers with families have a responsibility towards family and towards society.Thus the quality of the work is controlled here.

  • Similarities

1.)All the examples give importance to creation of a user-friendly UI creation along with a worker feedback system on the quality of task performed, payment etc.

2.) A large amount of time is wasted upon understanding of the task and getting used to it. This is taken into account in the system.

List of Ideas and the Theme they belong to

Provide them in whatever format you want - diagrams, sketches, table, or a combination.

Milestone 4 PNPVirtualMachine: Dynamic Reputation

For each of the 3 ideas, describe (using diagrams, sketches, storyboards, text, or some combination) the ideas in further detail.