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Team Pixel Perfect's submission for Milestone 4.

Design Axes for 3 Themes

The three themes that our team chose were Reputation, Results and Empathy. We compared and contrasted ideas under each theme based on different design axes.

Theme 1 : Reputation

The Design axes we chose to compare and contrast the ideas under this theme are :

  • The Experience of Requester/Worker on the platform - Comparing ideas which advocate the policy of "The rich become richer" i.e preferential availability of high level workers to those trying to promote equality among the different tiers by providing opportunities to workers/requesters.
  • Reputation Dependency - Comparing ideas which talked about one's rating based solely on his performance to ideas based upon the concept that one's rating is determined by his coworkers/community.


Based on these design axes , it can be observed that some ideas are inclined towards favoring a high-level worker/requester while others are working towards equal access to tasks relevant to the skill set of the workers. Though levels themselves form from an equality, favoring high-level workers helps establish a reputation for the worker crowd and promotes competition whereas equality encourages new workers into joining the crowd. Some ideas suggest that rating should be based on one's performance alone while the others take into account the need for considering the opinions of other members of the community so as to get an idea of the kind of experience one has had working with the given worker/requester.

Theme 2 : Results

Design axes considered for this theme :

  • Being a Worker/Requester - Comparison on the basis of ideas focusing on worker and requester.
  • Incentives/Penalties - Comparing ideas which motivated workers to produce high quality results by providing incentives to ideas which discouraged low quality work by giving Penalties.


Based on the design axes that we have considered ideas can be segregated keeping in mind "how workers/requesters benefit from these crowd-sourcing platforms?" or "how they are penalized from the crowd-sourcing platforms?”. These axes give us an overview of the factors that favor high quality end result. Workers are getting paid for getting the job done, but who wouldn't want to grab the extra benefits for putting in a bit of extra efforts. These incentives/perks is quite a significant factor for encouraging workers to produce high quality output. While on the other hand penalties acts as a barrier, refraining workers/requesters from doing malpractices or submitting low quality work.

Theme 3 : Empathy

The design axes suitable for segregating ideas under the theme 'Empathy' are -

  • Kind of Investment - Comparing ideas which focus upon giving material bonus to workers(financial investment) to ideas which are inclined toward time investment from the side of the requester.
  • Tangibility of the Outcome - Comparison of ideas on the basis of the Tangibility of the benefits.


The design axes considered for this theme can be built on how some ideas work on empathy indirectly using increased incentives such as surprise gifts and bonuses, which leads to increased costs for the requesters but is quite effective. Other ideas work on the same with equal investment of time or money from both the parties, such as getting into the shoes of each other to experience and learn empathy the hard way. We look at the kind of benefits the ideas fetch. Some of them have tangible, direct benefits, such as improved rating: like the pooling of bonuses where the rating improves as one earns more bonus or gives away more bonus. Other ideas have benefits which are intangible; meeting up for beers puts a smile on the faces of both the parties. This could in turn help in improving the rating, in an indirect way.

List of Ideas and the Theme they belong to

We present our ideas here :

[Milestone 4 Pixel Perfect Reputation : Badge System]

[Milestone 4 Pixel Perfect Empathy : Social Graph System ]

[Milestone 4 Pixel Perfect Results : Worker Requester Mentorship]