Milestone 4 PixelPerfect Reputation Idea : Badge System

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This idea explores the possibility of a Badge System in addition to the new Rating System (Details about the new rating system). The Badge system will work as a motivational tool for completion of tasks which does not contribute towards the user's main objective but might be beneficial for the worker-requester ecosystem.


The idea is inspired from the popular mobile game Temple Run. Though the main objective of the game is achieving the highest possible score, completion of various tasks unlocks badges (achievements) which increase the XP multiplier of the user.

(For example - The Allergic to Gold achievement is unlocked when the user must make the character avoid, or not collect, any coins for 1,000 m.)

In analogy to this concept, workers can be motivated to do work which they normally wouldn't be doing, like volunteer work - if someone puts in a required amount of hours per month on volunteer work, he/she would earn a volunteer badge.

Some sets of badges that could be earned are -

  • Milestone Badges
    • Veteran Minion - Complete 1000 HIT's to unlock.
    • First Steps - Complete your first HIT.
    • Jack of all Trades - Acquire a skill level of atleast 5 for every task category.
  • Master Badges
    • Turing Tested - Surpass a rating of 2500.
    • Turkish Delight - Unlock the highest worker level.
  • Miscellaneous Badges
    • The Dark Knight - Complete 100 tasks during non-office hours. (Region Specific).
    • Obi Wan - Inspired from the Mentorship program, successfully mentor 2 apprentices.

And in the end,the most coveted one,

  • Gotta Catch Em' All - Unlock All Badges

A simple design might look like -

Picture 16.png

Expected Outcome

This badge system will help workers increase their rating, also earning badges for tasks would give them a sense of accomplishment and also give the user a challenge, be it a novice or a veteran on the platform.
Plus,who doesn't like badges.