Milestone 4 PixelPerfect Result Idea : Worker Requester Mentorship

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This idea basically focuses on integrating Mentorship program in crowdsourcing platforms. Experienced workers voluntarily working as a mentor for new workers. Incorporating such system will help new workers in knowing the ins and outs of turking, making them familiar with the platform and the community which will eventually result in better end results.


This idea basically takes into consideration the hurdles that Newbie workers face on the crowdsourcing platform.

Common problems that new workers face can be :

  1. Searching through the HIT pool.
  2. Getting friendly to the user-interface.
  3. Produce high quality output.
  4. Enabling requesters to build trust towards themselves.
  5. Building up reputation in the worker community, etc

There are countless issues which need to be tackled. Obviously all these issues cannot be resolved, but working under an experienced worker would obviously take care of some issues from the list. This would benefit both the parties, newbie workers learning the ropes and becoming productive quickly, and the mentor getting a boost in rating or even XP. The mentor would be appreciated by giving them badges(as illustrated here in Badge System).