Milestone 4 Pumas Empathy: TurkerSociety

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TurkerSociety is a platform that helps to build a community between workers and requesters. We believe that to create quality work there needs to be a community between the workers and requesters. We propose TurkerSociety, a platform designed to facilitate the formation of community. Following sociological theory, we consider that a community can be built by:

(a) having everyone know each other.

(b) having values.

TurkerSociety has data visualizations to ease knowing about each other, and built in mechanisms to promote specific values.


Knowing Each Other

We propose a platforms that via Data Visualizations lets Workers and Requesters understand:

a) What things do the workers and requesters have in common with each other.
b) What things are people missing (lacking) to produce good work
c) What are the weaknesses, strengths of the team.

Here the platform will also facilitate socialization activities so that the members can know more information about each other. The platform will facilitate sharing and adding information about one-another as people socialize and learn more.

Fostering Community Values

We propose that the platform have tied to it mechanisms which promote certain values. Values we consider are:

a) Confidence.The worker (or requester) must feel that she is the team, and the team is her. Everyone should feel that they are important (yet not essential ) for the success of the community. Individuals should not feel alone, but rather that at any point the community can help them if problems arise.

b) Fraternity.The relationships between workers must always be direct but respectful. Here it is important to also create the notion that a failure is not an individual failure but a collective one to help each other overcome the problems.

c) Equity. There needs to be Fair treatment between the members of the team.

d) Mutual Support. This is about moving human resources to the workers who might have a weakness so that they can better perform their task.

e) Inclusion. Everyone should feel they are part of a large collective effort. It is important for all workers and requesters (regardless of their gender, ideology, beliefs, capacities) to feel included and that they can help the community to advance.

We propose the following mechanisms to foster these values:

The platform will facilitate the construction of Fraternity, Mutual Support, and Confidence initially by matching people in need with experienced workers and requesters. The platform will automatically identify e.g., workers with low performance rating; or requesters with many complaints from their workers. The platform will then ask experienced workers or requesters to assist these individuals. The platform will devise different schemes to provide recognition for the individuals who help others.

We propose to create confidence in Requesters and Workers through the following mechanisms:

Bootcamps. The platform will provide "bootcamps" designed by the workers and that work for the workers. These bootcamps will be tailored to empower workers to learn how to better conduct their tasks. By having better instruction we will improve workers' confidence in themselves. Such type of bootcamps will also be given to Requesters to also improve their confidence.

Coaching. The platform will team up new workers and requesters with experienced individuals who will coach them on how to excel in their tasks. Experienced workers will also provide feedback on newbies work and show them how they can improve.

Communication. The platform will suggest to workers to recognize and praise the work and performance of others. The paltform will also suggest the creation fo messages that help the workers see that their efforts are leading to the group's success.