Milestone 4 Pumas Results: MotivationNation

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We consider that through adequate motivation workers can excel in their performance. We propose a smart platform that triggers different mechanisms to motivate workers. The mechanisms go from suggestions to requesters, to breaking up workers' tasks in ways that will help them to improve their career or lifestyle.


We consider that two types of motivation can exist: a) Motivation given by other workers; b) Motivation given by requesters.

Based on sociological research, the platform will recommend to requesters different ways to motivate their workers. Such as:

Economical Incentive. The platform might recommend an increment in the workers salary when they work well; or a personalized message.

Better Life Advancement. The platform will also create mechanisms through which the workers can advance their careers and improve their life through the tasks performed. The platform will be designed in a way that workers could earn degrees and get better opportunities with the tasks they conduct. Through these type of mecanisms the tasks themselves become a motivating source. People will want to do good work to get ahead. The platform will also have mechanisms through which people's work will translate into an advancement of the community as a whole.

Direct Feedback. Direct and personalized feedback from requesters on work well-performed can help to create an understanding between workers and requesters, and motivate the work. it can also help workers to understand that requesters are also there for them, and are not an unreachable being.

Giving Thanks. Congratulating the work people perform can bring importance to it and motivate people more.