Milestone 4 RATH Reputation: Public Ratings System

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Public Ratings System

We believe that a pubic rating system is critical to insuring confidence and integrity in the platform. A combination of quantitative and qualitative measure will provide a good balance of subjective and objective feedback, leading to greater productivity for all.

Many other teams have already outlined this option well. We offer this page as support of that concept and ask that you review Milestone_3_Opera_Karma_Points:_Worker/Requester_Performance_Rating and Milestone_4_TuringMachine:_Sustainable_Reputation_Mechanism;_Insights_from_Finance_Industry for other good examples.


Various Metrics which could be included:


  • Completion time (in relation to estimated)
  • Rejection Rate
  • Number of HITS
  • Leaderboard of HITS/Completion


  • Average time from completion to payment
  • Rejection rate
  • HIT volume/history



  • General reviews from workers (glassdoor)
  • Rating on various criteria (yelp)


  • Kudos (Like on Facebook)
  • Shout out (recommendations on LinkedIn)