Milestone 4 Singularity Reputation: Requester And Worker Levels

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We have further iterated on our previous week's work - Worker Levels where a worker levelled up based on tasks done and contributing to the worker community.The worker gets greater number of perks with a higher level and can naturally earn more.

We are also adding to the idea - Requester levels, i.e requesters are grouped on the basis of their profiles. The contents of the profiles are described on this this - Requesters Profile wiki

Requester levels

I would urge the readers to go through the requester profiles link first. We got the idea for requester levels after reading the idea User Ratings system by PixelPerfect.

  • The requesters will level up based on their statistics of the previous jobs.
  • A higher level requester will be recommended high level workers who have done tasks of the that particular category.
  • Requester at a higher level get more features and better support from the site.
  • A requester's level can be downgraded too if his/her ratings in the statistics start lacking. This will ensure that the high level requester's don't take anything for granted.
  • A requester with an extremely low rating can be banned from the website, to weed out those requesters that don't pay or unfairly reject work.