Milestone 4 Singularity Resolution : Election of moderators by workers and requesters

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We have extended our previous idea ([[1]] a little, and have detailed the election process.

Please read our previous submission before reading further.


Who to elect, or how to select who will elect?

We propose that the weight of an individual vote will be proportional to the amount of money earned by that person(for workers) or paid out(for requesters), as this is a good metric of the amount of investment of a person in the system. While this will overwhelmingly privilege requester votes, we have to remember that they form a miniscule proportion of the population which does not reflect their impact on the system. To give further weight to only recent payouts, we could consider, e.g. only the past 10 month history.

Moderators have a fixed term and their judgements are publicly viewable for people to decide on their performance.

Moderator election is completely in the power of the users of the platform and Amazon has no control over this process.


As mentioned in our previous submission, the penalty imposed on the losing party would be a square root function of the task reward. The penalty amount would be equal for both worker and requester.