Milestone 4 Sundevils Moderator based dispute soving:Multiple moderators

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Goals of the design

1. To overcome the limitation posed by the original design

2. Moderator can refer other moderators

Original source

  • This idea is from our team (Sundevils) for Milestone 3 and we are glad that this has been selected for further brainstorming.


Following the previous idea on Moderator based dispute solving, there are several shortcoming that needs to be addressed

  • If the moderator is currently busy with a project, or he is currently involved in any dispute solving, there is no point in burdening him with more projects. Hence a workaround for this would be using multiple moderators on the same subject.
  • If a moderator is busy, He needs to give justification to the system saying why is he escalating it to another moderator. If the system/Admin accepts it, he should handover the task to another moderator. Moderator can have flexibility to recommend another moderator for the job(Worker has nothing to lose here, just an incentive)
  • Regarding the pay, the amount the worker paid for the dispute should be forwarded automatically without the moderator1 having any control over it.

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