Milestone 4 Sundevils Reputation: Multiple Rating system

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Provide a combined rating or multiple rating system for a worker consisting of

1.) Work quality rating - Given by requester.
2.) Peer rating - Given by other workers.
3.) Self rating - Given by the worker to himself based on his skills.

This rating system combines all the good traits of the other system and gives a collective rating of a worker. By this idea, the controversy of correctness of rating of a worker or requester is avoided. The skill and ability of a worker is the combined rating of the above mentioned rating.

Idea Explained

The 3 possible rating can be given are

1. Work Quality rating - Given by the requester to a user. When a requester feels a particular worker has done a good job he gives a higher rating to the worker.

2.Peer rating - Given by workers to a worker. When workers feel a particular worker has a specific skill set and can do a good job, they give the worker a high rating. This might become biased.

3.Self rating - Given by a worker to himself. The worker gives a high rating to himself based for the skills he feels he is competent in.

These 3 ideas are visible to everyone for the given worker. Various combination of the rating can be taken into account to judge the skill level and result producing ability of a worker.

For example: 1.) High work quality rating and peer rating means the worker was certified by both the requester and peer workers. So he can be expected to produce high results.

2.)Low work quality rating, peer rating and high self rating means that the particular worker is not as skilled as he claims to be.

Goals Achieved

  • No controversy of requester or worker requester correctness.
  • Multiple rating system helps to give a more reliable picture of a workers ability.

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