Milestone 4 Sundevils Results: Helping Hands

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To make sure quality work is done, when a worker has some intrinsic technical detail doubts in the task he is doing, he requests more information from the requester. The requester has two possible responses.

1.) Provide the worker with the technical details if the requester has the knowledge.
2.) Refer the worker to another "Helping Hand" ie, another experienced worker to  clarify the technical doubts of the worker.

Idea Explained

During completion of a task, workers may have doubts regarding completion of the task. The doubts may be analytic or technical in nature. Sometimes requester do not have enough expertise to fully understand their task.They merely post the task and get the task done. In such a case they might not be able to answer the doubts of a worker. To ensure a quality work is produced, Following steps are followed.

Step 1: Worker submits the doubt to the requester. Step 2: If requester has enough knowledge, Requester provides the info needed to the worker. Step 3: Incase of lack of expertise, requester refers the worker to another experienced worker who might be able to answer their doubt. step 4: Needed information is provided to the worker. Step 5: Quality work is ensured from the worker.


Lets take a scenario where the requester asks the worker to develop an android app. The worker may have doubts regarding which database to use for the app. He asks the requester on what database to use. If the requester knows the technical detail, he may name the database. Or refer to another experienced worker who knows which database works better for the app.