Milestone 4 TeamInnovation

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Design Axes for 3 Themes





  • You need trust for all three to work.
  • All three involve requesters and workers working together.
  • All three benefit everyone (Req/Worker/Platform).
  • Better reputation = better workers, better results = build reputation through facilitating resolution.
  • All are about quality - quality of worker/requester, quality of work, quality of the platform.


  • Reputation is emotional.
  • Results are definite - right or wrong, good or bad
  • Resolution is an emotional process judging results.
  • Reputation is about being a good worker/Requester, results are about hard work by the worker, resolution is about empathy.
  • Building a reputation is different than building results and building resolution systems.
  • Reputation is earned, hard work performed creates results, resolution crafted.
  • Reputation is not directly earned, results are, resolution requires a third party.
  • Results are by workers, reputation involves workers and requesters, resolution involves all three parties.
  • Reputation will be administrative (system of feedback), results on the “work site”, resolution in the “executive offices” (system involving mediation).

List of Ideas and the Theme they belong to

Milestone 4 TeamInnovation Reputation: Feedback

Milestone 4 TeamInnovation Results: Collaboration

Milestone 4 TeamInnovation Resolution: Mediation