Milestone 4 TeamInnovation Reputation: Feedback

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Problem: Without a reputation system, Workers don't know who is safe to work for and Requesters don't know who is worth hiring.

Solution: Allow for rating of Workers and Requesters for those who work together. There must be accountability on both sides for ratings made via a mediation system.

Where we got the idea: Turkopticon & mTurk

How it would work: It would be integral within the platform, as results were evaluated (requesters) would automatically rate the workers in order to receive the completed work. Workers would rate the requesters once per 24 hours OR once per different batch of HITs in order to receive payment. Include a flagging system for unfair reviews, mediation to try to broker a resolution.

Any limitations: Negative Feedback Loop (you leave me a neg, I leave you one back)/blackmail; cost of mediation; cheating the system (fake ratings)