Milestone 4 TeamInnovation Resolution: Mediation

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Problem: Requesters are able to engage in wage theft by rejecting people’s work en masse and not having to pay as a result, yet still get to use the work. They can also ban workers without having any good reason, and yet the ban still results in a red flag on the worker’s account.

Solution: Mediation between workers and Requesters by trained, experienced parties to try to solve disputes fairly for all involved.

Where we got the idea: mTurk has no dispute resolution process at all + experience.

How it would work: A mediation team made up of experienced workers who have been trained in the process of mediation (and potentially workers who have worked their way up to working for the platform itself, career progression again), would mediate between requesters and workers.

Any limitations: He said/she said issues; cost of mediation; having to mediate both sides trust; amount of time mediation takes/tax on resources; may not actually leave anyone satisfied

Dark Horse: Jury duty - Requesters and Workers are called up to vote on disputes with all parties involved kept anonymous.