Milestone 4 TeamInnovation Results: Collaboration

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Problem: Requesters must be able to trust that the results have not been gamed. Workers must have clear instructions and efficient design to provide the best results.

Solution: Requesters and workers must collaborate on the design, content and end result of HITs. Teams of workers could “crowdsource” the HITs from the design level through implementation on the platform. This ensures the workers can work and the Requesters actually get what they’re looking for.

Where we got the idea: Forums where Requesters ask Workers for help in HIT design, explain how their HITs aren’t generating the results they want, etc.

How it would work: There would be a group of experienced workers who would help with HIT design and rollout. This would provide a career progression from novice worker up to HIT team member.

Any limitations: Have to pay workers for their time; Requesters are often in a rush to post HITs; administration of moving workers up the ladder